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Amron 3 Commercial Diver Air Control - High Pressure System

Amron 3 Commercial Diver Air Control - High Pressure System


  • Two 44-1300 Series Tescom Pressure Reducing Regulators
  • Two high pressure and one low pressure air source connections
  • Convenient switching between high pressure or low pressure
  • Low air pressure audio alarm
  • 50 Micron in-line stainless filter on regulator input
  • Check valves on all source inputs
  • Automatic gauge protectors and snubbers protect against over pressurization of precision pneumo gauges


  • Air Control - High Pressure Section
    • Inlet Connection (2): #6 JIC
    • Input Air Pressure Range: 500-5000 PSIG
    • Inlet Valve (2): Source Select
    • Pressure Gauge: 0-6000 PSIG Accuracy ±1.5%
    • Input Air Filter, Inline Pre-regulator: 50 Micron
    • Tescom High Pressure Reducing Regulators: 2 ea.
    • Output Air Pressure Range: 0-300 PSIG
    • Max Air Pressure: 5000 PSIG
  • Air Control - Low Pressure Section
    • Inlet Connection: #8 JIC
    • Check Valve: 2 ea.
    • Commercial Diver Outlet Connection: 3 each O2 fittings
    • Commercial Diver Outlet Valve: 3 each
    • Air Pressure Gauge: 3 each 0-400 PSIG Accuracy ±1.5%
    • Over-pressure Relief Valve: Set pressure 285 PSIG
  • Depth Monitoring Pneumo
    • Pneumo Gauge: 3 ea. 6 in. Dual Scale
    • Range Dual Scale: 0-250FSW / 0-76MSW
    • Accuracy: 0.25% of Full Scale w/ 1 ft. Divisions
    • Pneumo Valves (7): Regulating Valve KEL-F Seat
    • Outlet Connection (3): O2 fitting, brass
    • Low Air Pressure Alarm: Pressure Range, 22.5-125 PSIG, Factory Set at 100 PSIG
  • Panel Construction
    • Panel Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
    • Powder Coating: Black textured semi-gloss polyester
    • Graphics: Yellow and White silkscreened
  • Case Dimensions
    • Lid Closed: 25 in. W x 20 in. D x 15 in. H
    • Lid Open: 25 in. W x 20 in. D x 29 in. H
    • Weight: 95 lbs. (approx) 
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