• IUC Technologies combines convenience and functionality in it's new closed circuit control system. The SVS-1000 is the only low voltage (30Vdc Max.), two diver, 19" rack mounted, combination video lamp control and video overlay system currently available.
  • The BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light™, BIRNS Model 4123, combines powerful LED technology with BIRNS exclusive design features—for the ultimate in safety and performance in brilliant 5200K lighting for PVHO applications.
  • The Amron Model 8120-HP High Pressure - 2 Commercial Diver Air Control and Depth Monitoring System is a system consisting of a two commercial diver depth monitoring system with high accuracy precision gauges and two commercial diver air control manifold housed in a highly durable pressure molded fiberglass case.
  • SUBSALVE USA Commercial Lift Bags are capable of being used by a single diver. These heavy-duty lift bags are ideal for use in light salvage, object recovery, construction, and scientific applications.
  • The DPM72 CO2 Carbon Dioxide analyser is a self-contained modular unit housed in a custom 3u x 1/2 rack width case, that can also be panel mounted.
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About Us

IUC Technologies was founded by IUC Group, Inc, a pioneer in commercial diving and saturation system design and manufacture. With a globally recognized heritage of more than fifty years of experience in these industries, IUC Technologies is uniquely poised to fulfill the operational needs of its growing customer base with supplies and spare parts for its own systems and the commercial diving industry.

With an on-demand, one stop, 24 hour, web based spare parts and consumables center, IUC Technologies is committed to responsiveness, innovation and customer satisfaction, with a dedication not often found with traditional suppliers. IUC’s mandate is to offer high performance, high quality products, delivered reliably and on demand.

Working from its modern, 26,000 sq. ft. warehouse and tech center in Mount Kisco N.Y. (20 miles from NYC), the company specializes in custom parts and large in-house inventory for its saturation systems.

With a successful combination of dependability and innovation for over five decades, we look forward to fulfilling our customer’s growing needs well into the future.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Uncompromising Quality and Value

IUC Technologies' Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost supplier in the commercial diving industry, to continue to lead with technical excellence and innovation, and to develop enduring relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

IUC Technologies' Mission:

Our mission is to remain service oriented, to anticipate our customer’s needs, honesty in all actions, and to continuously strive for excellence.

IUC Technologies specializes in...

Commercial Diving Equipment

From IUC’s inception, professional divers around the world have depended on our innovation and research for mission critical products. Whatever your professional diving needs are, IUC Technologies supports it.

Hyperbaric Products

With a foundation of more than thirty years of hyperbaric innovation and saturation diving system expertise, IUC Technologies is holds an unparalleled industry position. From our industry famous saturation dive systems to our new line of hyperbaric products, IUC Technologies manufactures and supplies only the most advanced, highest quality commercial diving equipment.