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Vehicle Recovery System (VRS-200)

Vehicle Recovery System (VRS 200)

The VRS 200 is the first and only self-contained underwater vehicle recovery system available today.

Using state-of-the-art design materials and manufacturing processes, this all-purpose system is designed to be portable for rapid deployment, and is the result of an 18-year evolutionary process from hundreds of product applications combined with technological advancements.

SUBSALVE USA engineers and technicians have worked with the commercial and public safety diving communities to develop and refine this system, not just on the drawing board, but in the water on recoveries.

The VRS 200 System features include:

  • 2-2000 lb. enclosed flotation bags equipped with a pocket to contain an 80 cu. ft. aluminum scuba cylinder.
  • The lift bags are manufactured from a high-strength, urethane-coated, nylon fabric which is highly abrasion, oil, and UV resistant.
  • The air cylinder is connected to the lift bag with a scuba yoke and hose assembly with a one-way check valve to allow for easy tank changes while preventing any loss air from the bag.
  • The attachment design includes 2 stainless steel lift rings on the top and 2 on the bottom of the bag allowing the lift bag to be rigged either flat or upright.
  • The bottom lift rings are each equipped with a 3' length of 1/4" galvanized proof coil chain with a stainless steel snap carabina on the end.

With the lift rings spaced at 40" apart and the carabina on the end of the chain, attachment to the front and rear bumper or shock brackets of most vehicles is quick and easy.




This design also enable the bags to be rigged to cradle the car by connecting the two 3' chains together to pass under the vehicle. The lift bags are equipped with a pressure relief valve in each corner to prevent blow-up and also to allow the diver to manually vent the bag from any corner. A 3/4" brass ball valve is located at the top center of each lift bag to allow for rapid deflation.

Also available

An optional two-valve station brass manifold assembly (with quick disconnects, shut-offs, and two 50' hose assemblies for remote or controlled inflation) is available.

SUBSALVE 'VRS2000" Vehicle Recovery System sales and instructional video tape, 18:00 min. VHS.  

All Subsalve USA Products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Dept. of Defense Standards. 


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RI State Police performing a vehicle recovery with the VRS 2000

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